About us

Creating Unforgettable Family Moments

"I remember watching my kids play, longing for a way to bring back the simple joys of my childhood games. That's how The Little Bounce was born." 

- Jessica, Founder & Parent

Our Story

Dreams of Childhood Rediscovered

Remember the thrill of a spontaneous game of tag or the laughter echoing from a backyard adventure? Our journey began with these cherished memories, in a time when the world was navigating unprecedented challenges. We envisioned a space where children could rediscover the joys of uninhibited play and parents could relive the nostalgia of their own childhoods. By late 2021 this led to the creation of The Little Bounce, a sanctuary of joy born from a dream to bring families closer.
In a period where technology increasingly became a go-to solution for entertainment, We want The Little Bounce to be a place for families to connect, laugh, and play together, redefining the art of play in an evolving world. 

Every bouncy castle we design is a testament to our dedication to safety, innovation, and imaginative play. As parents, we understand the importance of creating a safe and inspiring environment for our children. Each product is meticulously crafted to ensure it’s not just an item of play but a gateway to a world of imagination.
"Every stitch, every safety check, is a promise from us to you. We're not just building bouncy castles; we're crafting spaces for family memories." 

- Sam, Head of Product Design

The Bubble House

A New Era of Playful Exploration

In 2023, we introduced The Bubble House, an expansion of our vision. It's more than just a play area; it's a communal space for families to gather, share, and create lasting memories. With its unique design and larger space, The Bubble House invites families to explore the realms of their imagination together.

Our products are canvases for creativity, where decorating for a special occasion becomes a cherished family activity. Witnessing the pride and excitement in a child’s eyes as they help adorn The Little Bounce or The Bubble House for a birthday or family gathering is a magical experience we cherish.

Embracing Simplicity and Inspired by You

The Magic of Play in Our World

In our fast-paced, screen-dominated world, we offer a return to simplicity and presence. The Little Bounce and The Bubble House are havens where imagination thrives, and families connect, away from the digital world’s lure.

Your stories of adventure, joy, and creativity with The Little Bounce and The Bubble House fuel our passion. We've seen our products transform into fantastical kingdoms, adventurous landscapes, and stages for family events. Your limitless creativity inspires our continuous innovation.
"The day we set up The Little Bounce in our backyard, it was like we brought the park home. Our kids' laughter was the best sound after months of quiet."

Ashley, Proud Parent

Join Our Family: A World of Joy Awaits

We invite you to be part of our journey. Whether you're a parent seeking magical play experiences, a party rental business looking for unique offerings, or someone who values the power of play, we welcome you. Together, let’s build a world filled with laughter, imagination, and heartfelt connections.
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