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The Little Bounce

The Bubble Bouncer

The Bubble Bouncer

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New Release: Introductory Pricing - Limited Time Offer Only! 

Leap into a World of Whimsy with The Bubble Bouncer – The new Bubble House and Bounce House crossover! 

Joyful Elevation: Experience the delight of bouncing combined with the charm of a crystal-clear bubble dome for 360-degree views.
Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with 100% commercial grade PVC, complemented by a reinforced bouncy mat and dual air pumps for an unrivaled balloon and bounce escapade.
All-Age Paradise: An enchanting retreat perfect for kids seeking adventure and adults craving a touch of whimsy.
Inclusive Package: Arrives with a powerful blower, an electric pump, storage bag, and repair kit for a seamless setup and maintenance experience.
Generous Dimensions: Expansive 10ft x 16ft layout featuring a 6ft x 6ft tunnel and a spacious 10ft x 10ft bubble dome with an integrated bouncy area.

We also have 13ft x 13ft and 16ft x 16ft bubble dome on special custom order. Message us via chat or Instagram for details!

Embrace the extraordinary with The Bubble Bouncer. This marvel isn't merely an inflatable structure; it's a gateway to joy and wonder. Tailored for hosting fairy-tale gatherings in your garden or adding a sprinkle of fantasy to special events.

Robust and Radiant

Construction: Built with top-tier, 100% commercial grade PVC, ensuring robustness and protection for all jubilant jumpers.
Crystal Vision: The transparent bubble dome offers a mesmerizing, inclusive view, creating an immersive atmosphere for joyful leaps and bounds.

Adaptable and Unforgettable

Domestic Delight: Convert your outdoor space into an exhilarating wonderland for memorable family moments.
Event Highlight: The go-to choice for weddings, anniversaries, or any festivity where you wish to infuse an element of joy and uniqueness.
Rental Gem: A prized asset for event organizers seeking distinctive and captivating attractions for their clientele.

Package Essentials

Transport Bag: For effortless mobility and storage.
Dual Blowers: Robust 1HP blowers guarantee swift and consistent inflation.
Electric Pump: Ensures a hassle-free installation of the self-sufficient tunnel entrance.
Maintenance Kit: Essential for prompt, hassle-free repairs, extending the longevity of your Bubble Bouncer.


Size: The Bubble Bouncer spans 10ft x 16ft, offering abundant room for bouncing and socializing. The tunnel provides a welcoming 6ft x 6ft entrance, leading to the main 10ft x 10ft bubble dome with an integrated bounce area.
Capacity: Crafted to comfortably host up to 5 individuals, ideal for engaging get-togethers or serene relaxation moments.

The Bubble Bouncer goes beyond the conventional, offering a unique, multi-sensory experience that fuses exhilarating bounce dynamics with the allure of a bubble dome. Its sturdiness, security, and mesmerizing design make it a standout addition to any home, celebration, or rental service. More than just a play area, it's a realm where cherished memories are formed, and creativity flourishes. Available globally, it stands as an irresistible call to leap, laugh, and live in the moment. Note: For international enjoyment, please ensure a voltage converter is at hand for the blowers, making this joyous journey possible in every corner of the world.

Photo Credits: @_sweetbouncehouse

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Usage and Safety: This product requires a blower for operation, which must be kept on continuously during use. Normal air leakage, sometimes more noticeable in certain areas, is to be expected and is not a defect. Each order comes with a high-quality blower designed to match the specific bounce house model, ensuring optimal performance.
International Use: Customers outside the United States will need a voltage converter to use the blower safely. Please be aware of potential import fees.
Intended Use: This product is designed for personal, non-commercial use. Commercial operators must obtain the necessary certification.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Eva Warren
swift delivery and excellent CS

Pleasantly surprised by how quickly the bubble house arrived. Customer service is super easy to work with!! Good quality and easy to set up and take down.

Game Changer!

This has truly been a game-changer, setting us apart from the other rentals in town. maximum balloons flowing + a bounce house = smiles all around. We are really happy to have added this to our existing bubble house lineup.

Claire C.
Magical Bubble House

Obsessed with our bubble house, honestly! Got a small issue when setting it up, but one quick Insta DM later and boom, sorted. Had everyone gawking and asking to borrow it for their next garden event already. Big thumbs up!