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The Little Bounce

The Mini Bounce

The Mini Bounce

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Your Compact 6ft x 6ft Deluxe Mini Bounce House with Slide On Sale

Compact Sophistication: A chic white design, perfect for smaller spaces.
Ideal for Small Areas: Great for patios, small yards, and balconies.
Robust Material: Crafted from commercial-grade Tarpaulin PVC.
Universal Appeal: Suitable for playdates, small family events, and upscale gatherings.

The Mini Bounce brings the enchantment of a bounce house into smaller spaces.  Its 6ft x 6ft base is complemented by a fun slide extending towards the front and an optional ball pit on the side, each adding just under 3ft to their respective dimensions. 

It is the perfect moon bounce for those who love The Little Bounce but require something more compact.

Design Philosophy

Our choice of a pristine white color ensures The Mini Bounce fits elegantly into any environment, from intimate indoor spaces to cozy outdoor settings. It’s not just about play; it’s about adding a touch of elegance.


Compact Versatility

Indoor Use: Ideal for smaller living rooms or balconies, providing a joyful play experience even in limited spaces.
Outdoor Fun: Perfect for small patios or gardens, creating a delightful atmosphere.
Event-Friendly: Adds a playful yet sophisticated vibe to smaller gatherings.


Construction and Safety

Made with the same high-quality Tarpaulin PVC as The Little Bounce, The Mini Bounce is durable and safe. Its design considers the unique needs of compact spaces, ensuring the safety of its users.


Broad Appeal

It’s not just for kids. The Mini Bounce is a hit at playdates, family gatherings, and even upscale events. Its compact size does not limit its capability to bring joy and style.



Size: Measuring 6ft x 9ft or 9ft x 9ft with Ball Pit, it fits wonderfully in various settings.
Ease of Use: Quick to set up, The Mini Bounce is ready for fun whenever you are.


The Mini Bounce is an invitation to playful elegance in smaller settings. It's your solution for adding a fun element to any space, regardless of size. Enjoy the magic of The Mini Bounce in your home or event today. For international use outside US and Canada, a voltage converter for the blower is recommended.

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Usage and Safety: This product requires a blower for operation, which must be kept on continuously during use. Normal air leakage, sometimes more noticeable in certain areas, is to be expected and is not a defect. Each order comes with a high-quality blower designed to match the specific bounce house model, ensuring optimal performance.
International Use: Customers outside the United States will need a voltage converter to use the blower safely. Please be aware of potential import fees.
Intended Use: This product is designed for personal, non-commercial use. Commercial operators must obtain the necessary certification.
Promotional Images: Images used are for promotional purposes and should not be relied upon for accurate setup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Love the material and the dimensions!❤️🤍


Very cute...Ball pit has no padding it's concern. Great customer service.


Bounce house is beautiful and great material. Look forward to using it. Had great customer service as well.

Worth it!!

Purchased a white 8x8 for a birthday party for my kids and they absolutely love it! It’s bigger than I thought so make sure you have space for it. Very well-made and beautiful!!

Easy blow up fun

So cute and easy to set up!!